Boutique Grocer Sandy Bay

Type: Commercial
Builder: Hansen Yuncken
Completion: 2020
Photographer: Adam Gibson

A returning client engaged us to design the entire building, the emphasis of the design was the Hill Street Store on the ground floor and the building had to be visually consistent with the Hill Street brand, however the building also houses a medical centre, which couldn’t be ignored. The ‘instinctive’ relationship we have with this client allowed us the scope to design the Hill Street Store with an aesthetic we considered appropriate for the customer demographic whilst consistent with the brand. Working as team with the client, project manager and builder, we were able to deliver the entire completed project within a ten-month construction time frame and on budget.

The fit-out of the store deliberately projects a European market feel, reflecting the origins of the client group. The detailing refers to the 1950’s and the use of organic materials ensures a patina developed over time.

Post occupancy feedback has confirmed the popularity of the Store due not only to its retail offerings, but also to the manner in which customers are able to interact whilst there.

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