Queen Street 2.0

Type: Residential Alterations & Additions, Residential Heritage, Residential New
Location: nipaluna, hobart (Sandy Bay)
Builder: LaDa Constructions
Completion: Completed 2023
Photographer: Adam Gibson

Over a decade ago, we assisted Bec and Carlo in bringing the first stage of their low budget timber clad house to fruition.
Significant heritage area constraints created a point of departure for this off-centre pitched roof building.
An economical construction system enabled this relatively substantial building to be built with limited capital.

13 years later, in 2023 we were able to fulfill the long-held dream to complete the final stage of their home, to accommodate their changing family needs.

This final stage of the project contains a third bedroom, robe and ensuite in the form of a master suite pavilion with comfortable degrees of connection and separation from the main living quarters of the home.

Similar, cost-effective construction methods were employed for Stage 2. A simple and uncomplicated aesthetic seamlessly links the two building elements, whilst enhancing the livability and connection to the garden.

The exterior of the new pavilion echoes the original house, whilst the interiors step up the level of lux to create a warm and inviting series of spaces, with tactility and durability at the fore.

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